Saturday, September 15, 2012

Events for October 2012

Here's a listing of 90+ conferences, educational events and public meetings for space science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals occurring in October 2012. Each event is sorted by date of occurrence:
  • The 4th Bethe Center Workshop, focused on "String Theory and Unification" will be held in Bad Honnef, Germany from October 1st - 5th.   

  • The 2012 Telecoms World Middle East conference, the regions leading event for telecom operators, will be held in Dubai, UAE from October 2nd - 3rd.

  • The 2012 Banff Venture Forum, Canada's premier company financing event, will be held in Banff, AB from October 4th - 5th.
  • World Space Week, which celebrates the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition, will be held throughout the world from October 4th - 10th. 

  • The 2012 conference on MRO EUROPE, focused on aviation maintenance, repair and operations will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from October 9th -11th. 

  • A conference on the Time Machine Factory, focused on scientific discussion of causality and non-locality in physics, with emphasis on the implications for time machines, will be held in Turin, Italy from October 14th - 19th. 

  • A workshop on Dark Forces at Accelerators (DARK2012), focused on how recent astrophysical observations have revived the idea of the existence of a hidden force weakly coupled to ordinary matter, will be held in Frascati, Italy from October 16th - 19th.
  • The 2012 conference on Aviation Outlook Asia will be held in Singapore, Singapore from October 17th - 18th.
  • A conference on Solar System Exploration @50, focused on the 50th anniversary of solar system exploration, will be held in Washington DC from October 18th - 20th.

  • A conference on Frontiers in Star Formation, organized to honor Dr. Richard Larson, who contributed to the understanding of star formation and galaxy evolution, will be held in New Haven, Connecticut from October 26th - 27th.

  • Securetech 2012, a two day public safety and security omnibus conference and exhibit, organized by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) will be held in Ottawa, ON from October 30th - 31st. 
If your event is not presently on the list and you'd like it to be, please send an e-mail to
Our next listing of conferences, covering the November 2012 period, should be ready for publication around the middle of October 2012.


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