Sunday, October 14, 2012

Events for November 2012

Ongoing National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) budget and travel restrictions (as outlined in the October 14th More Space Conferences News post "American Astronautical Society Cancels AAS National Conference") have affected, but certainly not eliminated US based space science, technology, engineering and mathematics conferences focused on NASA and other US government related work.

Fortunately, there are lots of events going on elsewhere. As an example, here's a listing of 75+ conferences, educational events and public meetings for space science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals occurring in November 2012. Each event is sorted by date of occurrence:

  • OilComm 2012 will be held in Houston, TX from November 7th - 8th.

  • The Kauffman Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare, will be held all around the world from November 12th - 18th. 
  • The 2012 Pacific Space Leadership Forum, organized by the Space Foundation and focused on senior executive leaders from government, industry, military, commercial and civil space organizations with significant existing or planned space operations or interests in the Pacific region, will be held in Honolulu, HI from November 13th - 14th. 

  • The 15th AfricaCom conference, focused on game changing shifts in African regional development, will be held in Cape Town, South Africa from November 13th -15th.

  • The 2012 FP7 Space Conference, focused on the topic "Let's embrace space" will be held in Larnaca, Cyprus from November 14th - 15th.
  • The 2012 Canadian Space Summit, focused on "building bridges and unifying the Canadian space sector" will be held in London, ON Canada from November 14th - 16th.

  • The 2012 SEASONS Conference, focused on "operating through the Solar Max," will be held in Laurel, MD from November 14th - 16th.

  • The 2012 Airport Exchange will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from November 26th - 28th.

  • The 2012 Solar in Sonoma conference, focused on tracing the connections in solar eruptive events, will be held in Petaluma, CA from November 27th - December 2nd.

If your event is not presently on the list and you'd like it to be, please send an e-mail to

Our next listing of conferences, covering the December 2012 period, should be ready for publication around the middle of November 2012.


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