Saturday, December 22, 2012

Events for January 2013

Here's a listing of 80 conferences, educational events and public meetings for space science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals occurring in January 2013. Each event is sorted by date of occurrence:

  • The 100th Indian Science Congress (ISC2013), focused on "science for shaping the future of India," will be held in Calcutta, India from January 3rd - 7th.

  • The 93rd Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), focused on "Taking predictions to the Next Level: Expanding Beyond Today's Weather, Water, and Climate Forecasting and Projections," will be held in Austin, TX from January 6th - 10th.

  • A workshop, focused on Plasma to Plasma, will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands  from January 7th - 11th. 
  • The 2014 Nordita Winter School in High-Energy Astrophysics, focused on black hole accretion discs, gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows, particle acceleration, relativistic shocks, neutron star mergers, gravitational waves, extragalactic cosmic rays, high-energy neutrinos, will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from January 7th - 18th.

  • The 1st SPACE Retreat for multidisciplinary collaboration focused on "developing a road map for space habitation, will be held in Tenerife, Canary Islands from January 8th - 22nd.

  • Stardate North Island, an astronomical gathering for people who are interested in observing the stars through a variety of telescopes and diverse aspects of astronomy, will be held in Tukituki Valley, New Zealand from January 18th - 20th. 

  • The 16th International Workshop on Astrophysics and Nuclear Structure (Hirschegg2013) will be held in Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal, Austria from January 26th - February 1st.

  • The 5th Conference on European Union (EU) Space Policy, focused on "Building up a Global Tool for Global Challenges," will be held in Brussels, Belgium on January 29th. 

  • The Space Angels Network (SAN) will be hosting a virtual pitch event for members only featuring selected SAN companies on January 30th.

  • A conference on World Low Cost Airline Asia Pacific, focused on cost reduction techniques used by airlines in this market, will be held in Singapore from January 30th - February 1st. 
  • A technical conference on Mechanisms Final Presentations, intended to provide European industries, companies, institutions and universities with the opportunity to present and discuss their latest space mechanisms and tribology technology developments under European Space Agency (ESA) technology programs and organized by Congrex for the ESA, will be held in Noordwijk, the Netherlands on January 31st. 
    If your event is not presently on the list and you'd like it to be, please send an e-mail to

    Our next listing of conferences, covering the February 2013 period, should be ready for publication around the middle of January 2013.


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